Horváth Csaba Memorial Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences

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(Csaba Horváth)

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Mate Szarka

PhD student

Academic title

Biology (BSc)

Biotechnology (MSc)

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Mate Szarka graduated as biologist (BSc in 2011) and biotechnologist (MSc) in 2014 at the University of Debrecen. He also studied at the Technical University of Dreseden in 2012. He was an intern at Femtonics Ltd. During his studies he gained expertise in two-photon and fluorescence microscopy, long term scanning (LTS) microscopy, electron microscopy. Later he used his knowledge in the field of fungal biology at the Department of Microbial Biotechnology and Cell Biology. He founded Vitrolink Llc, a company specialised in image analysis. In 2015 he joined to the Horváth Csaba Memorial Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences as a PhD student. His research focuses on Laser induced capillary electrophresis detection techniques combined with Mass spectrometry."