Horváth Csaba Memorial Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences

''Lasciate Ogni Speranza O'voi Che Entrate Senza Risultati''

(Csaba Horváth)

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Advisory board

Following boards are operated as manager and control agents of the Horváth Csaba Memorial Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences

Board of directors

Prof Andras Gelencser - rector, University of Pannonia

Dr Ferenc Vonderviszt -  head of the Research Institute of Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering, University of Pannonia

Dr Miklos Idei - director, MTA TKI

Dr Ferenc Darvas - CEO, ThalesNano Inc.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Sandor Gorog, academician

Prof Barry L. Karger, director, The Barnett Institute, USA

Prof John Yates, group leader, The Scripps Research Institute, USA

Dr Frantisek Foret, deputy head, Institute of Analytical Chemistry

Medical Advisory Board

Dr Eszter Csánky,  SOTE II. sz. Pathology

Prof Dr Laszlo Takacs, professor, University of Debrecen

Dr Jozsef Tovari, department leader, National Institute of Onclogy

Operative Advisory Board

Prof Janos Abonyi, vice-dean

Dr Istvan Rajta, scientist

Dr Peter Furjes ,laboratory leader

Dr Tibor Chovan, assistant professor