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Dr. András Komáromy


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Dr. Komaromy has earned his master`s degree in biochemical and biomolecular engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary. After commencing his career in the pharmaceutical industry he took part in various drug discovery and development projects. He is one of the inventors of Arimoclomol, a drug to treat insulin resistance and obesity and participated in the patenting of the compound. Later he joined the Centre for Green Chemistry at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He was integral member of the multidisciplinary CHARPAN (Charged Particle Nanotechnology) Project funded in cooperation by the 7th Framework Project of the European Union and the Australian Government, Department of Education, Science and Technology. He researched biosystems/nanostructured surfaces interactions to develop effective antibacterial surfaces with medical applications.

Dr Komaromy has obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry under supervision of prof. Milton Hearn from Monash University. In his research project he investigated the retention behavior of globular proteins on non-polar chromatographic surfaces and developed a comprehensive relationship between the thermodynamics of the interaction of the proteins with the surfaces, solubility of the proteins in salt solutions mostly used in protein purification and changes in the protein architecture. He worked out high through protein solubility assays and adopted the method on liquid handlers whereas followed up the changes in the protein structure with small angle X-ray scattering available in the Australian Synchrotron.

Dr Komaromy has published his results in high impact international journals and presented them at various international conferences.