Horváth Csaba Memorial Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences

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(Csaba Horváth)

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Balazs Reider

PhD student

Academic titlebalazs: MSc (chemical engineering)


Balázs Reider was born on 13th of April in 1990, in Hungary. He graduated with bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2013 and he finished his master course in pharmaceutical eningeering at the same institution two years later, in 2015. During his acamedic years he was working as a laboratory assistant at BioBlocks Inc. from 2011 to 2013 and his main task was syntetisation of organic building blocks. Later, in 2013 he get to the Department of Organic Chemistry at the university where he wrote his thesis. He mainly researched the selectivity and activity of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase with various enzyme substraits. After graduation he gained experience in industrial chemistry in a fertilizer factory at Nitrogénművek Ltd. Currently he performs his PhD studies at  Horváth Csaba Memorial Laboratory of Bioseparation Sciences, working at University of Pannonia. His research focuses on prostate specific antigen analysis with capillary electrophoresis.